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ABM provides a Commercial Kitchen Design Process to rival all others.

We will confidently take you through our seven key stages of the Commercial Kitchen Design Process, ensuring that you are satisfied and fully informed at every point in the process.

Your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen Design Process will go through the seven following key stages:

Free Consultation: We will provide you with a free consultation where we will discuss factors such as site, location, budget, concept and application. Book your appointment.

Site Evaluation: Once you have decided to work with us, we will visit your site to assess existing fitments and building conditions. At this point in the design process ABM will determine the best flow for the kitchen based on the area, measurements and local code requirements.

Initial concept and draft layout. At this point in the commercial kitchen design process we will work closely with you to create a conceptual drawing that reflects placement of kitchen pieces. We will make suggestion on equipment pieces that are relevant to your business, as well as incorporating your ideas and necessaries.

Commercial kitchen and restaurant layout design: ABM will work at this point as your restaurant design contractors and provide all of the necessary food service drawings for your project. We will wait for your approval before creating a CAD layout of every element of your restaurant. We will then make applications for permits, necessary acquisitions and building code compliance.

Project plan and scheduling
: We aim to ensure that our schedule for delivering work meets with your requirement in order to ensure minimum disruption.

Construction and Equipment installation
: We will undertake and coordinate a full analysis of construction related development including mechanical, electrical, framing, floor, kitchen remodeling and general contracting. During this phase we take delivery of your new equipment and ensure that it is set properly in the desired positions and functional for your business.

Project delivery:
Upon the receipt of fire and health regulation approvals as well as local codes of compliance, we will deliver the project at this stage. The project will be completed within the previously set out time frame for your guaranteed satisfaction.

Our Restaurant Design Process will go through the seven key stages.

Our Restaurant Design Process will go through the seven key stages.

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